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Here are some project summaries for recent blinds, shades, and drapes our team has manufactured and installed. Have a look below to get a sense of what types of coverings you can get for your home or office windows.

Sheer Shades Next To Fernbrook CA

Sheer Shades

Customer Issue: Ms. Webster loved to let in sunlight, but it had begun to damage her books due to bleaching, so she needed a solution.
Our Solution: Our professionals felt that sheer shades would be exactly what Ms. Webster needed. They would allow in some light from outside to reduce the need for artificial lighting but also keep out the UV rays that were harming her books and furniture. She felt that yellow would complement her study perfectly. Each set of shades were created to the specifications of her windows to perfectly keep out the direct sunlight.

Gayle Webster - Fernbrook
Electric Rolling Shutters Nearby Poway CA

Electric Rolling Shutters

Customer Issue: During the summer Mr. Davis’ home would become too hot and too uncomfortable to be in without air-conditioning running round-the-clock.
Our Solution: The consult with this customer was very brief because he had done his research online and knew exactly what he wanted. So, we measured each and every window on his house and proceeded to craft them. As soon as we were done tailoring them to Mr. Davis’ needs, we returned and completed the installation in no time at all. Our customer could now protect his home and family from the sun with a simple touch of a button.

Chad Davis - Poway
Roller Shades Next To Lakeside CA

Roller Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. Dunn wanted shades that would be easy to customize, as well as use, for his son’s bedroom.
Our Solution: Mr. Dunn’s son had a dinosaur-themed room and this was taken into account while considering options. As there was a lot going on already with décor, our experts felt simple roller shades with a rich brown cloth would be best to avoid being overwhelming. The simple lines wouldn’t clutter the space, making them an excellent fit. The dark color would also help to balance out all the brighter colors present.

Alton Dunn - Lakeside
Motorized Blackout Curtains Close-by Fernbrook CA

Motorized Blackout Curtains

Customer Issue: The customer wanted to be able to operate his curtains simply, as well as ensure that the sun could be completely blocked from the living room to avoid glare on the TV.
Our Solution: Our team helped Mr. Rogers find the perfect set of blackout curtains that would both add a roomy flare to the large area, as well as block out sunlight. Motorization aided with the ease of operation, as he could just use a remote to open or close them. They were then custom made and installed by us.

Arnold Rogers - Fernbrook
Horizontal Solar Shades Nearest Santee CA

Horizontal Solar Shades

Customer Issue: The Luza family built a roof and windowed walls over their balcony, and wanted some solar shades put in behind the panes.
Our Solution: During the consultation, we advised the customer that the windows’ shapes would make a horizontally opening design preferable, which she agreed with. The pair of frames, tracks, and solar sheets fit snugly and gave the place the perfect ambiance.

Sienna Luza - Santee
Faux Wooden Blinds Close To Lakeside CA

Faux Wooden Blinds

Customer Issue: Mrs. Bernards wanted some more impervious window treatments for the slightly oversized slant-windows of her loft.
Our Solution: Two sets of rotating blinds, each installed on a carefully fitted diagonal frame, were just the thing to keep out or let in as much light as the homeowner wanted. Installing them and their draw-belts on the eccentric loft roofs was a challenge our installers eagerly met!

Bianca Bernards - Lakeside
Motorized Bamboo Roller Shades Next To Ramona CA

Motorized Bamboo Roller Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. Malk requested automated roller shades that would impress and intrigue without being too flashy or attention grabbing.
Our Solution: The consultation visit gave us the measurements for four window panes that needed new covering, and our team wove some gentle red, black, and green patterned bamboo sheets to their dimensions. We then hooked all four cordless rollers up to the house’s electricity and programmed the new remote handset.

Radditz Malk - Ramona
Commercial & Residential

Commercial & Residential

Beautiful blinds for homes and businesses.
Personal Touch

Personal Touch

Customize your new shades by choosing any color, design, or texture you want.
High Quality

High Quality

Anything from faux wood blinds to fabric Roman shades will be made from top notch materials.
Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices

Our blinds and window shades don't break the bank.

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