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Find the perfect outdoor shades for any deck, patio, or yard in the Poway area. Get free quotes on motorized awnings, canopies, and more!

Patio Covers

Patio Covers Designs In Poway

A good covering overhead makes your Poway patio much more pleasant and usable. There are many styles of outdoor shades to choose from, with some being more suitable for certain spaces. Motorized awnings for storefronts and playgrounds, freestanding patio shades for detached porches, and simple sail shades for attached decks are just a few examples. Patio covers are made from a wide range of materials, and you can customize yours to fit the look and feel of your outdoor property. Patio shades can improve the aesthetic in any backyard. With a durable canopy over your deck or pergola, you can enjoy any outdoor lounge space even when the sun reigns blazing high.

Freestanding Or Attached Patio Shades?

Most patio shades are meant to spread out from the side of an existing structure. If you want to cover a space like a garden garniture island or a small sports field, you’ll need freestanding patio shades. Awning-style shades are easier to set up, and usually cheaper. If you want a motorized awning, you also have the option of using the building’s electrical wiring. Sail shades, made of flexible materials stretched taut between wall and patio railing or other supports, are a cheap, space-saving option. Freestanding patio shades include support frames or stands. Manual freestanding covers are typically crank or lever-operated, while motorized patio shades of this style have internal power cells. Their support structures can be rigid frameworks or a system of poles and taut cords for more sail shades-like styles of free-standers.

Poway Motorized Patio Shades and Awnings

The bigger the space you want to cover, the more trouble it is to extend and retract the shades. Opting for motorized patio covers saves you these headaches (and backaches!) and opens up new options for making life even easier. If you want motorized awnings to keep an outdoor seating area inviting throughout the day, think about sensors. Outdoor shades that automatically react to harsh sunlight or rain leaves you free to work on other things. For more reliable control, you can get internet-connected motorized patio shades that you control with your smartphone. Wherever you are, you can adjust your patio covers as the weather changes with just a tap on your touchscreen. Getting motorized patio shades for a Poway outdoor section can add aesthetics as well as value and functionality. Motorized outdoor shades offer a wonderful addition to patios and decks.

Pop-Up Canopies And Patio Tents

For a more down to earth take on freestanding outdoor shades, consider the patio tent-style covering. These are fabric canopies or tarps that you set up on tent frames, and that cover your patio from above as well as one or more sides. Motorized patio shades in this style exist as part of hybrid systems, but for the most part, pop-up canopies are manual. If you want an outdoor camp or pavilion atmosphere, or just have a very large deck, this style works extremely well. Most of these are also easy to relocate, so you can move your canopy from location to location as needed. Create a protected, shaded patio with the right combination of canopies and shades and your Poway backyard has an outdoor lounge hangout spot you can use whenever you want. Patio covers become unnoticeable when they do their job correctly.

Custom-Made Patio Shades And Covers

We manufacture awnings, canopies, motorized patio shades, and other outdoor covers made to measure for each order. Our team makes appointments to provide you with free consultation and estimates. No matter its size, shape, or location, we can provide affordable outdoor patio shades for any Poway home or business. Looking to check out designs and other features for outdoor canopies and shades? Go ahead and book a free consultation appointment today by giving us a call!


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