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Window treatments, which is another name for all sorts of blinds and shades, come in a wide range. You’ve got pleated and flat fabrics, sheer and opaque materials, and all sorts of operation options, including manual cordless designs and motorized shades. If you’re interested in learning more about window coverings, then take a look at the tips found below.

Believe it or not, motorized blinds and shades can even save you money

Yep, that's right. Although they themselves use energy to power, motorized shades can help lower your electricity bill over time. How? By helping you get the most out of natural sunlight. You can set them on a schedule to optimize the indoor lighting conditions by using filtered sunlight to illuminate the room instead of artificial lighting. You can also conserve heat or keep your indoors cool by having the blinds open or close according to temperature. How do you do that? Well, with Somfy-powered shades, for example, or ones that use Lutron products, you can have your motorized window shades follow an opening and closing schedule. You can even get self-adjusting blinds that will regulate their position according to brightness levels, or temperature, as we mentioned. Contact us to find out more.

You can also get motorized curtains, not just blinds and shades

Motorized shades are all the rage, that's true. But curtains aren't far behind. Many homeowners are opting for automatic drapes and the like for anything from bedrooms to bathroom windows. With motorized curtains, you can give the room a high-tech feeling while also significantly improving the décor with beautifully designed drapery. Are motorized curtains the right choice for you? Get in touch with us for a free consultation and find out.

Don't neglect carefully considering the color of your new custom shades

While people tend to focus more on the type of window treatment they're getting and its texture and fabric, the color is just as important a decision. It will determine how well the new shades complement the décor of the surrounding room. With light filtering shades, it will also determine what kind of tinge the filtered sunlight will have. This is a great way to enhance the ambiance in a certain way, with orange and yellow and other warmer shades going a great deal towards cementing a cozy feeling.


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