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Can vertical blinds be shortened?

Shortening vertical blinds is possible but requires patience and attention to detail. As most vanes are made of thin polyester vinyl it doable to trim them with sharp scissors, one at a time, to the desired length. If the blinds are already installed, this will require removing the vanes carefully from the headrail track after separating the clips, marking the desired measurements and cutting straight along the mark. Trimming should always be done at the bottom end, and if you're asking us, we'd recommend that you consult with a professional first. Someone like us, for example…

What are the best blinds to block out light?

First, let's make sure you understand the distinction between blinds and shades, as there is a distinction. Blinds have adjustable vanes, and shades are made of a sheet of fabric. Those are the bare-bone differences, in general. The reason for the distinction is that with blinds, there almost always are some minor gaps or slits of light between the vanes, when with shades that isn't the case. For blackout blinds, aluminum tends to be the best material, as it reflects light back. Wood or faux wood blinds can also do a great job, and you can have them custom made so that the slivers of light are minimalized as much as possible.

Are wooden blinds good for achieving blackout conditions?

The wood itself, when dense enough, can be blackout, but there will be tiny gaps between each slat where light may be able to get through. With real wood, you have to worry about maintenance, as if rot sets in and the wood starts to crumble, you may start noticing pinpricks of light in the vanes. Faux wood blinds are a good alternative that can give you the same classic appeal without the maintenance that usually comes with real wood.


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